Careflo™ offers tailored personal care in the home. Providing support with all aspects of daily living through specialist professional teams. Helping in any capacity from supporting other professionals recommendations and treatments  ie District Nurses ,  GPs, OTS, Social workers, personal care, shopping and housekeeping  to just a friendly chat. Experienced staff provide visiting care for people affected by many conditions.

You or your loved ones should live comfortably and independently in the home. We will initially consult to ensure that clients get the exact level of help and care they require. We'll produce a printed care plan  in agreement with you, which is implemented with 6 monthly management reviews or until the covering period ends.


Careflo™ respite provides short term care. We support family carers wanting to have a few hours, days or weeks to travel, to meet with friends and so on. We recognise the importance of planning temporary care and will assist in a short term care service user guide.

We'll follow your regime or we can assess your loved one’s medical and lifestyle requirements so that care needs are met during your absence. We can also liase with GP/medical services during that time. If you are looking after a loved one and require care whilst away, we can almost certainly help.


 Convalescence following injury or operation can make a huge difference in recovery time. Careflo™ has a great team of carer's dedicated to getting you back to normal as soon as possible. That doesn't mean quickly, it means when the time is right for you.

We'll assess your progress daily, weekly or monthly depending on your condition and liaise with GP's, practitioners and post operative staff to ensure that every professional responsible for your care understands your present status and well being.


Careflo™ has a number of carers with palliative expertise. They work alongside national and local hospices, disease/condition support groups and district nurses to maintain access to services and to ensure patient comfort and dignity in the last stages of life.

Our carers are trained in awareness of  complex care needs, and take direction from appropriate qualified professionals such as Marie Curie and Macmillan nurses recognising need for pain management, and report appropriately, administration of medication with professional guidance . We'll work with you and your loved one to provide the utmost professional service and comfort in what is a difficult time. We support families during and after the loss of a loved one. We are welfare oriented and can help point you in the direction of  other services that can help in the recovery process.


Careflo™  supports long term illness, whole life illness, disability and other long term conditions. Whether you require an hour in the morning or two hours every other week, help with bathing or with the cleaning, we are here to take some of the chores away.

We can also help in the administering of medicines, liaising with GP services and wider health concerns be it traditional or alternative. Through our carefully compiled care service user guide, we aim to accommodate your care and mark your progress over time, helping to maintain good health through great care.

Dementia Care

In the majority of dementia cases, sensitivity and compassion take a lead role in the delivery of care. We recognise the importance of assigning trained specialist's to individuals. Often, the same face can be forgotten in a moment so it's important our carer's get to know service users .

Careflo™ ensures that your carer has a lead role to play. We assign a key carer and a reserve carer (a key carer may be away due to illness or holiday) so that they are as familiar to your needs as required. Comfort is consistency of service, good health and great care.