beverley & Karolina

Following a triple by-pass heart operation, Beverley needed to take stock of her care requirements. Widowed some years ago, she's adapted life and is the cornerstone of the family unit. When it came to the time of surgery, a realisation that she needed assistance became apparent, not only for her but for her family a distance away.

It was her family that made contact with Careflo™ to discuss having a carer for her post operative needs. We set out a considered care plan that kept Beverley's independence intact while giving her the peace of mind that she could rest and recover well. 

re-enablement CARE PLAN (3 MONTH REVIEWED)

  • Covering a 3 month period (fixed term contract) from August to November
  • 4 morning visits per week from 11.00 - 12.30 (Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday)
  • Dressing and undressing
  • Helping with bathing
  • Supporting domestic requirements
  • Making purchases for the household online and locally
  • Assisting with meal preparation


You may be eligible for benefits that may cover part or all of your care. Check with your local care provider.