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Careflo™ are proud to offer care work in South Gloucestershire. So we want to know, are you empathetic, reliable, looking to start a career, or to change it? Do you care? We have a broad range of opportunities and can train you from the basics right through to a high level carer or manager of a team. You'll be required to work in clients' homes, to work weekends and most importantly, to be patient in the catering of service users needs. That's why we are a different, modern care provider. Needs led and individual  focussed.

We recognise the challenges of care across all parties. That's why we recognise staff who stand out. Who go that extra distance to provide quality care. Every quarter, staff get the chance to win a number of prizes including weekend European breaks, Spa days and paid meal reservations at well known restaurants

Careflo™ pays up to £8.50/hr for a basic carer's salary. This is a little higher than the national average. Generally, pay scales depend on your qualifications and experience and there is always opportunity to expand your skills and move up in our business.

We are happy to talk to you what ever your age or experience. In fact, that is a part of our business model. We believe that a diverse workforce delivers a broad skill set which is invaluable to our service user  base.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in a career in care? If so, why not visit the jobs page and apply? We would love to hear from you and to see how we might fit you into the team, or get in touch.

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Shelley Reice, care provider

Shelley Reice, business manager of new care provider Careflo™, explains why care should be at the forefront of our minds.

  Shelley at the opening of Careflo™

Shelley at the opening of Careflo™

"Care has been an unspoken subject for many years. When I entered the care sector over 30 years ago, it was even more challenging . That's why my team and I are focused on the quality of care, the joined up approach and making sure there is dignity and empathy in our service".

Shelley has built up a team of exceptional staff, all with a role to play in the ever expanding business. Tina Benson brings a dedication and determination to seeing high quality care delivered into people's homes.

"I've always wanted to help those who are unable or incapable of helping themselves, whether they need our help to overcome an operation or injury or the more sensitive areas around palliative care, Careflo™ is here to make things easier for people."

Lee is the training arm of the business ensuring that every Carer enrols on the company's standards, ethics and care training course, specially created for the business and approved by the Care Quality Commission.

"We have a wide range of staff, young and more mature, of a high experience and those looking to perhaps change career and take on a new challenge. Careflo™ has a rigorous training regime with the opportunity of a number of qualifications at the end of it".

The organisation has a mantra of 'Good Health'. That means treating mental and physical needs at the same level. Alongside home care, Shelley has opened a holistic approach to care. Treating the mind, body and soul. There are a range of treatments and therapies available, all aimed at improving the quality of health and care.

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