why have a care service user guide?



Our care service user guide is written to provide a structure of care during the term of engagement. Initially Careflo™ will consult with a you or a loved one to understand the nature of the illness, disability, injury or otherwise, to ascertain what degree of care will be best suited. We'll look at the big picture and can discuss any additional requirements.

Once we have a full understanding of your day-to-day needs, we'll present you with your care plan. It will cover a time period set out between us. Respite care tends to have a specific time period whereas structured and general care have an undetermined time period. Palliative and dementia care has a non-specific time period. In all cases, a mandatory review and evaluation involving all care professionals will take place after a determined period of time or every 6 months (whichever comes sooner).

The care plan may also contain medical history or prescription details. Careflo™ keeps in regular contact with district services, local GP services, clinics and pharmacies to ensure  smooth, quality delivery of service overall. We need to know what treatments you are undergoing so that we can build it into the service you'll receive from us. We hope that with a more joined up, balanced approach, we are able to deliver good health and great care.

You may be eligible for benefits that may cover part or all of your care. Check with your local care provider.